The Nutromics Biosensor Platform is
solving some of the biggest healthcare
challenges we face today

Our wearable sensor and software solutions will reimagine how we prevent chronic disease and manage acute conditions. The Nutromics vision is a world with zero preventable deaths due to a lack of timely biological patient data.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Lifestyle related chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease account for over $500b dollars in healthcare costs in the US every year. (1) The numbers are staggering, but prevention is effective with the right tools

Our wearable biosensor platform can continuously monitor biomarkers for diet, sleep, stress, and exercise, delivering real-time data and new insights for effective lifestyle change


Estimated Prediabetics worldwide(2)


Cost per year of Diabetes treatment, US(2)


Predicted growth rate of Type 2 Diabetes, 2019-45(2)
(1) Source: CDC – National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
(2) Source: IDF Atlas 9th Edition, 2019

Acute Disease Management

In a healthcare setting, our patient monitoring solution will deliver earlier, accurate insights for clinicians. This will lead to better patient outcomes and a reduced cost burden on healthcare systems.

For out-patients, the Nutromics platform will provide a new standard of care for patients who would otherwise require extended hospital stays and repeated blood draws.


Cases of Sepsis per year, worldwide(3)


Percentage of total hospital expenditure. No.1 cost in US.(3)


Proportion of Sepsis patients readmitted within 30 days(3)
(3) Source: Epidemiology and Costs of Sepsis in the United States—An Analysis Based on Timing of Diagnosis and Severity Level, Paoli, CJ et al. 2018

Our technology

Our biosensor technology is integrated into wearable smart patches that are small and unobtrusive. Important biomarker data is captured continuously, and wirelessly transmitted to a software application

The software solution is flexible, designed to connect with mobile and web solutions for easy integration with consumer health software and hospital platforms.

Nutromics are health technology commercialisation experts. Our Advisory board are world leaders in their respective fields

We have a global panel of partners all helping bring the Nutromics vision to life

Peter Vranes


Hitesh Mehta


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We’re looking for investors to join us on our journey solving some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. The Nutromics vision is a world with zero preventable deaths due to a lack of timely biological patient data. If this vision sounds like one you’d like to help make real please get in touch.

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